Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for

General Information
All the information shared while using the website or having a conversation over the phonecall /email or any other form is received and stored by us. This information include but not limited to the identification of the customer using the first and last name, contact number, postal address, email address, billing information (Card Number, Expiration Date and Name of the Card Holder) and many more. There are some more information collected by us including the , seat selection type, category of hotel preferences, Meal prefrence frequent flyer programs and more. gives the customer a complete authority to not to disclose either of the information with us. However, in many cases, it is mandatory to provide some of the information in order to make a purchase, reservation or query with us, registering for profile and participating in contest. There are certain information required from the customer when asking for a membership with for further communication.

Information of the Passenger
At the time of reservation or arrangement with , some of the personal information are asked in order to make the perfect arrangements including the preferences and details of the respective individual. While providing these information for a third person the user intended to make reservations for, the user must obtain the consent from the respective person prior to sharing the required information with Any alteration or changes in the given information can only be done from the user's account.

Automatic Information
Some of the information about your device used to visit are automatically saved into our system when the user browse our domain. These information include, browser software details, recent browsing history, IP Address ,preferences of the user (in relation to the company's business only)

Information Collected by Third Party and Advertisers
When Client visit to the search engine or website of some of the space of the website is used by the third-party advertisers on the behalf of the internet and it may use their own cookies and various techniques, methods and measures to analyze, modify, customize and personalize the advertisement shown to the customer on the website of as well as display ads about other relevant goods and services based on your previous browsing history. Air Comodo has no control over these advertisers technology or the privacy policy. Hence the privacy policies of the respective advertisers are not covered by the policies of

Information Collected from Other Sources
Many timex intervals, collect some basicx information about the customers from the, travel suppliersor vendors , business partners and third-party sources to add into the database for a better and personalized experience while one intend to do business with us. These information included but not limited to the delivery details, updates on delivery of product/services, statistical analysis about the user to understand the preferences of purchases etc.

When cleint visit to the website of, a small digital information is get restored to your device through the browser used to visit. This information is known as Cookies and is used to improve the overall experience of the website or search engine to the user and is solely designed to ensure a better, quick, personalized and hassle-free experience and not to extract or store any personal and controversial data from your device.

How These Information are Used by Us use the responsive billing information system (including name of the card holder, card number and expiry date) to complete the purchase of the services and products. Apart from the billing information, there are certain other information used in the following manner:

• To provide all the necessary details about the product and services you enquired.
• To manage the account and billing details with travel notifications.
• To communicate in relation to your booking status.
• To answer the queries and concerned raised by you.
• To provide travel confirmation details and updates in the process.
• To resolve any troubleshoot, dispute, fee collection and other problems.
• To update you with our latest offers and updates that probably interest you.
• To communicate with you in general about your experience so far.
• To improve the overall experience between and the customer.
• To take your feedback and other details during our surveys.
• To prevent any potential illegal activities.
• TO enforce the terms and conditions of Use of the Website.
• To reward the customers during our special reward and recognition program.
• To update you with our latest offers and updates that probably interest you.

Who can Access your Information
Information provided by you during the usage of the website or while doing business with us may share with the following:

• Certain information are shared with the third-party service providers including but not limited to the fraud prevention department, marketing department, customer service department and credit card processing department. The information shared with the respective departments are necessary as they require these details in order to perform their functions and are strictly forbidden by the law to share the information of the customer for any other reason.

• Travel suppliers such as airlines, hotel chains, resort properties, car rental service providers, transfer providers and other entities involved during your travel after booking the respective package with us. During these information transfer, the only details required to fulfill the travel reservation or communicate with the customer in case of emergency or update about the travel are shared. However, shall not be held liable for any misuse of the information from the travel service providers whose product/services are purchased by the user through

• Business partners associated with the can also access some of the information shared by the customer. The customer/user can identify the involvement of the third-party business partner as you can see the name/logo of the third party with us on the concerned platform. Please note, has no control over the privacy policy of the business partners and request you to strictly evaluate the concerned business partner's privacy policy prior to sharing any information.

• During the intervention of law enforcement departments and under the order of the court to exercise our legal rights and duties, information can be shared with the concerned authorities. In such circumstances, reserves the right to waive any legal obligation against the sharing of data.

• Certain information can become accessible in case of corporate transitions including but not limited to merger, consolidation, asset sale and divestiture.

• At times, certain information including but not limited to number of visitors on the website, people booked their travel with us and other details can be shared with the advertisers, investors and other entities that can bring business to the company can be shared. Such information doesn't contain any personal information of the user and are solely used to create appealing and trustworthy content for the user.

• Information can be shared with the legal department in order to prevent or investigate any illegal or suspected illegal activity and to safeguard and its entities, partners, affiliates and employees.

Links to Other Website
Few areas where the links that can lead to other websites are available While these websites are working side by side to provide maximum satisfaction and perfect user experience and give us better options to serve our customers, has no control over the privacy policies of the respective websites. Hence, the use of these websites shall be accessed on the sole discretion of the customers and information shared on these websites are not covered by the privacy policy of

How Customer's Information is protected?
In order to provide maximum satisfaction and trust about using the website of whilst making a purchase or enquiring about a certain deal of product/service, we have implemented a levels of safety and security protocols on administrative, technical and physical front that can provide maximum confidence to the user of the website to trust with the information provide to us. For an instance, only authorized employees under strict monitoring can access the personal information for a certain business related purpose and cannot use the stored information otherwise. Furthermore, the website uses encrypted transmission of data when a customer uses the website to make a purchase of services/products from us or enquire about a certain service and is not disclosed to any physical person in any level. Additionally, there are certain number of firewalls installed in order to prevent any sort of cyber or physical intrusion in the server where all the information are stored and avoid any unauthorized access to these information provided by the customers.

Right of Customer in Respect to the Personal Information

• Client have the rights to provide us the information that are necessary to provide in order to complete the purchase or query of the respective travel service served by the
• Client reserve the rights to not to disclose personal information that are probably required to complete the travel purchase or to participate in certain offers and marketing campaigns designed for the greater good of the customer.
• Clients can access all kinds of personal details and information provided by us and have the right to delete or change the information we have securely saved with us any time b simply requesting us.
• Certain information obtained by us are stored in our system for a very long time in order to safeguard for any future legal dispute or concern that involves legal proceedings.